2018 Jacksonville Jaguars Prediction

The time has come to judge the future of the 2018 Jacksonville Jaguars Season. Last Year, My prediction was 10-6 making it to the second round of the playoffs. They did nothing but exceed that. This year will be very difficult. First, We will not have the 5th easiest schedule. Secondly, our AFC south opponents will be a lot healthy than previous, and last, people will expect the jaguars coming.

2017 Season was full of fun and excitement as the jaguars were a quarter away from the Superbowl. The Jaguars had tons of growth from players such as yannick and Miles Jack. Also, Players that propelled themselves into a household names like Jalen Ramsey. This team has a good mixture of old and young to equal itself out. When a team is trying to change the culture it usually have to develop a consistency before greatness comes. A big part of that greatness is attitude. The jaguars have more than enough of it to go around because they play with a swagger. This season will be a test.

Looking at the AFC south, Titans got better defensive adding  Malcolm Butler at cornerback, and drafting a stud in Rashaan Evans at linebacker. The one big question mark for the titans would be their head coach. He is a first time time head coach and that has growing pains.Also, will this be the season Marcus Mariota put things together. Last year, He was injured a lot and very inconsistent. The Colts got a instant upgrade with the return of luck and significantly improving their Offensive Line with draft picks. Again, The issue is that the colts also have a first time head coach. Not to mention, Andrew Luck hasn’t played in 19 months that’s going to take some time to get back into a rhythm. Last but not least,  The Texans that improved their defense with the additions of Aaron Colvin and Tyrann Mathieus. Texans biggest marks will be their offensive line and the development of Deshaun Watson from his ACL injury. The texans have the worst Offensive Line in the AFC  South and teams can prepare for Deshaun Watson because his tape out. The biggest threat in the divison I believe will be the Titans. The titans are a more complete team than any other team besides the Jaguars in the division.

Season Prediction:  11-5 The Defense was 2nd last year in total points given up with 16.8. The Off-Season additions didn’t necessarily help the defense per say but depth wise the jags got better. The Key will be if Dj Hayden is the starting slot man will he blend in or be a weak piece and The Player that takes over Paul Spot is going to be effective. The identity of the Jaguars is Chosen and the players buy in.They are a smash mouth football Team. In the Off season, The jaguars added Andrew Norwell to the line.He is one of the best Guards in the NFL. The offensive Line this year will be drastically improved. Expect a MVP type of Season from Leonard Fournette.  Blake Bortles is going to take a bigger command of the huddle this season. He earned the respect of his team last season in the playoffs. This will be his second year in the offense.  He will be more confident and more consistent. The biggest key on offense is Marquise Lee and his ability to become that reliable target or One of the many receivers becomes Blake Bortles 1#Target.  The biggest Key to this season will be Staying focus,not getting too cocky and Desire to win. The jaguars win the AFC South and they take it a trip further and reach the Superbowl! This 2018 Jaguars Team reminds of 2013 Seahawks. A talented team full of Life, Confident with some cockiness and swagger to back it up. Question is Will they prove it?

Superbowl: Jacksonville Jaguars 26 vs Minnesota Vikings 23


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