2019 Doug Marrone Decision Nick Foles Or Gardner Minshew

The Jacksonville Jaguars is in a weird position at quarterback. Coming into the 2019 season, Nick Foles was the starting quarterback and expectations were that he would be leading the team. Not even a full game into the regular season, Nick Foles is lost with an broken left clavicle. Rookie Gardner Minshew comes into the game and the rest is history. Gardner Minshew is doing a great job passing for 1976 yards 13 touchdowns with two interceptions an a 98.8 Quarterback rating.

In the games Minshew started, the team is 4-3 and is a two-point conversion away from being 5-2. The team currently has developed some type of chemistry with Minshew. As a result, DJ Chark and Fournette are off to their best seasons in their career. The Jaguars Organization has a big decision to make going forward.

Recently, Nick Foles started practicing and aiming for a Week 11 return. Question is would you have him in returning to the starting lineup so late into the season? The jaguars rewarded Foles with an 88 million dollar contract but he has yet to even play a full game in a Jaguars uniform. The organization knows that Nick Foles is a Temporary fix. He’s 30 years old and in two years, he would be mentoring the next quarterback the team drafts.

Meanwhile, Minshew has seven starts and he’s shown flashes of being a starting quarterback. Although, he’s been slowed down by teams making adjustments. He has shown the ability to bounce back and the team has rallied behind his infectious energy.

This Sunday, the Jaguars have a defining game ahead of them against Houston in London. A win in London would put the team in second place with a 5-4 record going into the bye. During the bye, coach Marrone would be making a decision that could make or break the season.

If the organization brought Foles in to be a mentor, He has done a great job. Minshew regarding Nick Foles stated

” As good of a football player as he is, he’s a better person,” “One of the best people I’ve been around. He’s put his arm around me, been a big brother to me. It’s awesome.”

If he’s been a part of his growth, He should continue doing so. Nick Foles came here to be a leader and an example. Being a leader sometimes means stepping aside and allowing someone to take over for the common goal.

If the team is 5-4 going into the bye, would they be comfortable going with a veteran quarterback mid-season that doesn’t have the rhythm and chemistry with the offense? We know he has more NFL experience but he has yet to perform that with the players currently. Let’s say at first chance Nick Foles and the Offense struggle. Would the coach hesitate to go back to Minshew?

These types of decisions can impact an organization for a long time. For example, New England Patriots had a similar situation with a 6th round pick back up Tom Brady and starter Drew Bledsoe. Coach Bill Belichick decided to go with Tom Brady and the rest of his history. New England is one of the marquee franchises in the past 20 years with 6 Superbowl championships. The Jaguars next three weeks will be very interesting. We can’t wait to see how it plays out.

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    1. why not we have nothing to lose with it. Do you believe that if Foles was starting he would have similar stats?

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