Five Coaching Candidates the Jacksonville Jaguars should consider….. 

  1. Todd Haley– Blake Bortles needs some work. Todd would be the right guy to do it. He did an incredible job in Arizona. Under Haley guidance Arizona offense set franchise records in Points and Resurrected the career of Kirk Warner. Not to mention, Matt Cassell and Big Ben had their best seasons under Haley. Haley does a great Job utilizing the weapons he has on offense.  He would do a great job utilizing  offensive the weapons of Bortles, Lee, Hurns, Robinson, Thomas and Ivory.
  2. Mike smith–  He is currently the defensive coordinator of the Tampa buccaneers. He was the Defensive coordinator for the jaguars before becoming the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons. Dave Caldwell the GM is Familiar with him. He was a successful Head Coach in Atlanta in Rebuilding that Team. He had 5 straight winning seasons, and was One play away from going to the super bowl.  If there is a guy that can turn the program around its this guy!!!! 
  3. Kyle Shanahan– He’s young energetic and Currently has took Matt Ryan to a new Level. Matt Ryan is having a MVP season 32 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. His QBR is also a career high at 114.8. Not to mention, Robert Griffin had his best season as a pro with Shanahan as his coordinator. He does a great job using one’s strengths. For example, Robert griffin is best when he moves on the run and throws down the field. He did a great job having designed plays for Robert griffin. Blake Bortles would be very efficient in his type of offense. Tj Yeldon would be a star in this system.
  4. Jim Schwartz–  As a Coach guided the Lions to the Playoffs. Jim is an Incredible Defensive coordinator in Buffalo and Tennessee and has done a good job in philly. I believe he would fit because he has the attitude this team needs. I believe he would install mental toughness and discipline to this talented jaguars team that at many times seem to lack focus.
  5. Sean Mcvay– He is young……. really really young 30 to be exact. He’s shown potential. He has been Washington Offensive coordinator in Washington since 2014. He has done an Amazing job with the progress and development of kirk cousins. Washington currently has a top 5 in offense.

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