Another Jaguars Meltdown

What is happening with the Jacksonville Jaguars? They can not seem to get out of their way. Victory seemed so far away at times but yet, it was there for the taking.

There must be something going on within the Jaguars locker room. How else do you explain Jalen Ramsey’s total meltdown in the first quarter in Houston? All over a three-yard gain that wasn’t reviewed?

So, Doug Marrone chose not to throw his flag and Ramsey goes ballistic? There’s more to the story than what is on display. Don’t forget Myles Jack lost his cool in week 1.

Let’s back up to the 2018 season. There was trouble at training camp between Dante Fowler and Yannick Ngakoue which resulted in a fight and spilled over into the locker room. Fowler was traded to Los Angeles.Leonard Fournette left the sidelines to engage a Buffalo player in a fight. He was suspended but really, was not a factor in the Jaguars offense from that point through the end of the season. Now fast forward to this season.

The decision was made to not play starters in preseason games until the third game. They barely played in the third game. Jacksonville lost all four preseason games for a franchise-low mark.

In week 1, Jacksonville gets destroyed by Kansas City. Against Houston, Jacksonville had a chance to win the game. Once again, it all played out via decision by Marrone.

Gardner Minshew brought the Jaguars to within one point of tying the game. His pass to D.J. Chark gave all Jaguars hopeful that Jacksonville would win the game, in overtime. The first decision was made to go for the win.

You cannot argue with that decision because of Minshew’s hot hand. Then the next decision was, which play to run? Hey diddle diddle, let’s run up the middle! Because the offensive line had dominated the line of scrimmage throughout the game?

If that play was a run/pass option, it was not executed very well. Minshew looked like he handed off to Fournette and not reading anyone in a Houston uniform. Jaguars lose a very winnable game by another bad decision by Marrone.

If Marrone is letting the locker room police itself, there might be another eruption against Tennessee. Bad decision after bad decision is tanking the Jaguars playoff hopes. Hopefully, someone else gets to make the big decisions.

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