Cam Newton Plus Jacksonville Jaguars Equal Perfect Opportunity

The art of building an NFL roster can be debated. Salary cap space plays an important key in the way many teams make personnel decisions. Even the Jacksonville Jaguars have made egregious errors in their short franchise history.

Recently, Jacksonville decided to go all-in on Nick Foles. They gave him a huge contract for what in return – a draft pick and dead cap money valued to be $18.75 million. Foles will play in Chicago in 2020 after playing four games in the black and teal uniform.

Before Foles, it was Blake Bortles. His deal was another unexplained contract that should not have been extended. Currently, Yannick Ngakoue is wondering why his contract is still up in the air.

With all that said, Jacksonville decides to make sign another failed quarterback. Since 2013, Mike Glennon has played in 29 of a possible 96 games. However, the Jaguars felt like he was their best option to mentor Gardner Minshew?

There was a better option available to Jacksonville. He played up the road in Charlotte, North Carolina. Cam Newton is the better choice than Glennon.

Suppose Minshew gets hurt this season, which quarterback would you rather see take the field? Newton or Glennon? Who has the skill set to take the Jaguars into the playoffs? Can you say, Newton?

Perhaps the Jaguars thought Glennon was the better option because of his price tag. Please refer back to Bortles’ contract and Foles’ contract. They could have signed Newton if they had wanted to do so.

Remember Shad Khan’s words after the 2019 season, losing is unacceptable. Tanking to draft Trevor Lawrence appears to be off the table for 2020. Let’s see how this all plays out.

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