Could the Jacksonville Jaguars acquire Dewayne Haskins?

The NFL season is a very fluid situation as it unfolds. Throw in the worldwide pandemic and anything is possible. Here is a crazy predicament that might find its way into becoming reality.

Jay Gruden was the head coach in Washington for five and a half seasons before being fired after a 0-5 start. His quarterback was Dwayne Haskins. Washington took Haskins in round one as the fifteenth overall selection of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Recently, Haskins lost his starting quarterback position. Their new head coach decided to go with a familiar face from Carolina. Also, Alex Smith is healthy and ready to go after suffering a gruesome leg injury.

What if, the Jaguars send Dede Westbrook to Washington in exchange for Haskins? Perhaps the Jaguars would throw in a second-round selection, to sweeten the deal. Haskins might be the guy to take the reigns to go the offense and take it to new heights.

Haskins stands 6-feet-4 weighing 230 pounds. Physically, he is a bigger quarterback than Gardner Minshew. Statistically, he has completed 208 passes for 2304 yards with 11 touchdowns.

He played in the Urban Meyer offensive scheme at the Ohio State. Haskins fits the current Jaguars’ offensive philosophy better than Minshew. The air raid passing offense is where Minshew flourished.

As each game passes, it is becoming obvious that Haskins might be the answer at quarterback. Not that Minshew is a bad signal-caller, he seems to have a difficult time finding the open receiver.

The trade deadline is November 3, 2020, at 4:00 pm, New York time. Last season, Jacksonville moved Jalen Ramsey, and in 2018 season traded Dante Fowler before the deadline passed. This trade is something to think about, whether it happens or not – is yet to be determined.

Let’s watch to see how it plays out. Catch the current JJC podcast where Andre Moultry accurately discusses the Jaguars situation regarding Minshew with Lee White of the BritJag podcast.

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