Do the Jacksonville Jaguars have a quarterback dilemma?

The Jacksonville Jaguars seem to have a quarterback dilemma for the upcoming game against the Cleveland Browns. Which quarterback will start on Sunday, Jake Luton or Gardner Minshew? Let’s take a closer look at the situation.

There is no way that the Jaguars will start Mike Glennon ever. As long as Glennon wears the black and teal, he will stand on the sideline. You can mark through his name as a possible candidate to start on Sunday.

Minshew is returning to action from an injured thumb. His absence has been noticeable and many fans want to return to the days of Minshew-mania of 2019. Has he done enough to remain the starter?

Luton is a rookie NFL quarterback. His limitations were on display against Pittsburgh. Seems like he has regressed after his initial start in week 9. His statistical numbers are free falling, as well. He currently has thrown two touchdowns and six interceptions with a Quarterback rating of 54.5.

Realistically, the Jaguars franchise quarterback is not on the current roster. As hard as Minshew and Luton play, neither have the tools to lead the Jaguars to the big game in February. Most of all, offenses are morphing away from the run-first offensive mindset.

Luton fits that traditional quarterback style of play. On the other hand, Minshew is the new prototype of quarterback in the old mindset scheme. There’s not much hope for the future while staying in the past. Luton’s skillset plays well in Detroit and Minshew’s skill set fits perfectly for Arizona.

Perhaps the biggest dilemma of all is, what is the Jaguars’ identity as an offense? Doug Marrone and staff are currently in save job mode. Does it make sense to draft a quarterback if they haven’t a clue who they are offensively?

There is a good possibility that Marrone and company will be back in 2021. Their contracts run through next season. Don’t expect ownership to pay coaches not to coach.

Cleveland should win the game on Sunday. Baker Mayfield should put up big numbers on this defense ravaged by injuries. The Browns have a potent running game that uses it to open up the passing game with play action. Jaguars will lose their tenth straight game.

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