Improvements for the upcoming season

These are the following improvements needed for the 2019 Jaguars season:

Hands– Last year, The jaguars receiving core was pretty bad catching the football. According to the Washington Post Sports, The Jacksonville Jaguars led the NFL in dropped passes with 33. Pro Football Focus the jaguars were second in drop rate. The jaguars also had three players in the top 30 in drop passes. Tj Yeldon was tied 8th in the league with 8 dropped passes, Keenan Cole was 16th with dropped 7 passes, and Dede Westbrook was 28th with dropped 6 passes. A big part of moving the ball effectively is catching passes and the receiving core will have to step up in doing so.

Penalties – The jaguars were at the top of the league in being penalized. According to NFL Football Database, Last year, the Jaguars were 3rd in the NFL with 121 penalties. The Jacksonville Jaguars are first or tied for first in the NFL for Penalties in five categories: Unnecessary Roughness tied with Bengals, Face mask, Illegal motion, lowering your head to Initiate Contact, and tied for the league in Too many men on the field. Penalties speak to discipline and lack of Focus on the field.

Coaching– We need to see coaching better on both sides of the football. The jaguars have a new offensive coordinator in John DeFilippo that was fired in Minnesota for his play-calling philosophies. Minnesota wanted to run the ball more to take the pressure off Kirk cousins. Now, John is here in Jacksonville where they are a run-first offense. I’m curious to see if he’s learned from his previous coordinator position. Will Head Coach Doug Marrone change up his philosophy? And how much? He’s an old school smash mouth run the ball coach last year when that wasn’t effective, The offensive had no type of adjustment and looked unprepared. Interesting to see how Doug Marrone & john Deflippo work the offensive side of the ball with their different approaches to an offense. Not to mention, Keenan McCardell in his ability to help in the development of the receiving core will be huge if their season is to be successful.

Also, Todd Walsh on the defensive side in helping with the development of the young players that are on defense. I look to see Dom Capers to be a huge part in that process. Dom Capers was previously here in the past(Defensive Coordinator in 1999 for the jaguars) and is one of the better defensive coaches in the NFL with over 17 years as a Defensive Coordinator in the NFL.

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