Is there a Quarterback controversy brewing?

Trevor Lawrence was selected as the first overall pick in the past NFL Draft by the Jacksonville Jaguars’ new regime. Honestly, there might have been an uproar heard around the world if they had pick someone else! Will Lawrence be given the starting job or will he prove himself throughout training camp?

There are four quarterbacks listed on the current 90 men Jacksonville roster. C.J. Beathard, Jake Luton, Gardner Minshew, and Lawrence. NFL teams carry three quarterbacks throughout the regular season; two on the active roster and one on the practice squad. Which signal-caller will be the odd man out?

Beathard seems to be the veteran backup to guide Lawrence through the season’s ups and downs. The fifth-year veteran has spent his career in San Francisco struggling to find playing time. Hard to imagine him becoming the Jaguar’s starting quarterback this season.

Luton saw time last season as the prior coaching staff turned to him to solve the offensive woes of 2020. He started three games and got worse each game. His four interceptions against Pittsburgh sealed his fate. Probably not the Jaguars preferred choice to lead the team.

Minshew is the wild card in the Jaguar’s offensive plan. Most of the talking heads will point to his short stature as a hindrance to his growth potential. He needs an upgrade of the talent around him to achieve his maximum talent level. Too many times the offensive line allowed pass rushers to blow up plays. There might be a chance that Jacksonville trades him before week 1.

Lawrence recently signed his rookie contract. According to, he signed a four-year deal worth $36,793,488 and there is the fifth-year option included. Lawrence has to be the starter from week 1 due to the amount of money invested in his contract by Shad Khan and the organization.

The big question will be: how ready will he be making the jump from college to the NFL? Also, this offensive line better plugs the gaps to keep him healthy. Most of all, will both tackles be able to block the edge rushers?

Let’s say Jacksonville cuts Minshew and Luton. The dead cap money for both would be $372,632, per Urban Meyer might want to bring in a third quarterback of his style of offense. Look for Lawrence and Beathard to be on the active roster in September. Minshew and Luton will be playing elsewhere. 

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks. Be sure to catch the current JJC podcast where Andre Moultry accurately discusses the Jaguars’ situation in each podcast episode. 

Photo: Bob Self Florida Times Union

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