Jacksonville Jaguars 2020 end of the season awards

Defensive MVP & Comeback player of the year– Myles jack

Myles Jack went back to his natural position and played like it. After a subpar season last year, he became one of the bright spots on the defense as he had a career year in tackles and tackles for loss. According to pro football focus, he has one of the highest grades on the team for our defense.

Rookie of the year & Offensive Mvp– James Robinson

He was one of the bright spots on team. He was consistently one of the anchors on offense that the team leaned on.

Robinson rushed for 1070 yards with 4.5 yards to carry to go along with seven touchdowns. Robinson was very close to breaking the NFL rushing record for an undrafted rookie set by Dominic Rhodes(1104).

Biggest disappointment: Taven Bryan

High hopes for Bryant at the start of the NFL season to make a impact on the team. by the middle Of the season, he was replaced by an undrafted rookie Doug Costin….he was our first-round draft pick and it appears that he’s going on the list of Florida Gator players that didn’t pan out.

Coaching grade: D

The staff was against a lot this season. The youngest roster in the league and injuries to a roster that lacked any depth. The staff with what they had tried anything to win a game from the rotation of quarterbacks to playing everybody on the roster to see if they can get a spark. They may have discovered some gems for the future like Sidney Jones & Doug Costin.

The worst loss of the year- Miami Dolphins Thursday night football

This game was the reason we were no longer the favorites for the rest of the season. Also, at the time Miami was struggling to get a win at 0-2 and The jaguars were coming off a near a very close game against Titans at 1-1. Miami came into Jacksonville and delivered a butt-kicking unlike any other early in the season 31 to 13. Which took both teams in different directions after the game. Miami started to win and ended the season with a 10-6 record…Jaguars continued to lose for the remainder of the season.

Biggest win of the season- Week One vs Colts

The only win of the season. The reason we aren’t 0-16. The Colts outgained us but the turnovers were the difference. The Jaguars were 1-0 and many high hopes started to begin. The many sports analyst that were saying we were the worst team in the league somewhat changed their tune. Then reality hit and in the famous words of the late great coach Dennis green “They are who we thought they were!”

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2020 was painful as a fan to watch. We saw a lot of players get experience to see what we have as far as our third, fourth, and fifth stringers. Now that the Jaguars have secured the number one pick to draft Trevor Lawrence. The best quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck. 2021 outlook is going to be much brighter with the possibility of a new coach & a new General manager coming in to change the direction of the franchise .

Photo: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

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