Jacksonville Jaguars must be strategic in their offseason moves

Urban Meyer and Trent Baalke will be the ones that make the most important decisions concerning the new direction of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Team owner Shad Khan has pledged to be more active but will rely on Meyer and Baalke’s expertise. Khan will be the final voice in any situation.

Hopefully, those three are in agreement concerning the path to blaze for 2021 and beyond. Jaguars fans have long wished for a winning team. They are the most loyal of all the NFL fanbases. Remember the “Aints” in New Orleans?

Scouting will be different without the NFL Combine in February. The scouting event has been canceled and replaced by the various campus Pro Days. Free agency will be key.

Free-agent signings begin in March. In fact, they can become official after the start of the 2021 NFL year on the 17th. Wonder where the Jaguars will spend some money? Will it be on defense or offense, perhaps both?

Leadership is the key that allows a franchise to rise or fall. Jacksonville must be very strategic in their acquisitions this offseason. Expect the new regime to lay the foundation this year for future successful seasons.

Trevor Lawrence will not be the newest player in a Jaguars uniform but key free agents are a must. Free agents can turn around teams like Calais Campbell and AJ Bouye did for the Jaguars. Protecting Lawrence should be the number one goal in the free-agent market.

In case you are wondering, this year’s Super Bowl game will feature an explosive offense against a stingy defense. Will the tough Tampa Bay defense stifle the explosive Kansas City offense? Could this game be the blueprint for the new direction of Jacksonville?

Stay tuned to see how things play out. Be sure to catch the current JJC podcast where Andre Moultry accurately discusses the Jaguars situation in each podcast episode.

Photos: Jaguars.com

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