Jacksonville Jaguars: The best round by round draft picks by Dave Caldwell

If you did not know, but your Jacksonville Jaguars Country has a relatively new podcast with Andre Moultry. In episode 1, he discusses and ranks the best draft selections of the Dave Caldwell era. The wheels began to turn. What would be the best draft class, round by round, in the Caldwell era?

Overall, Caldwell has raised the talent level but has not been able to keep better talent. Anyways, here is what would be the best round by round draft class in the Caldwell era.

Round 1: Jalen Ramsey is the best round 1 selection by Caldwell. Ramsey was traded last season to the LA Rams. Runner ups are Dante Fowler and Leonard Fournette.

Round 2: D.J. Chark was a steal as a round 2 pick. He is a rising star among the Jaguars receiving corps. Cam Robinson and Jawaan Taylor are runner ups to Chark.

Round 3: Yannick Ngakoue overperformed as a third-round pick. As you know, he wants out as Ramsey did. Caldwell has hit home runs in each round 3. He picked Brandon Linder, Ronnie Harrison, Dawuane Smoot, and A.J. Cann in the third round.

Round 4: Dede Westbrook can be a playmaker in the Jaguars offense. Caldwell took Aaron Colvin, a fellow OU Sooner in round four. Will Richardson might find playing time this season at left tackle.

Round 5: Telvin Smith was an incredible selection by Caldwell. Sadly, Smith is no longer with Jacksonville. Denard Robinson is a distant runner up to Smith.

Round 6: Gardner Minshew could become this generation’s version of Brett Favre. Both have the gunslinger type of attitude on the field. Minshew is the lone shining pick in round 6 of the Caldwell era.

Round 7: Logan Cooke edges out Ben Koyack in the final round. The margin is very close because both are major contributors in the Jaguars scheme of play. Cooke can flip the field with his deep punts but Koyack is a sure-handed tight end in crunch time.

The 2020 draft class was excluded but there are high hopes for them. Several could become major contributors. Let’s see how it all plays out.

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