Jacksonville Jaguars: Three Keys to Victory on Sunday

Jacksonville Jaguars host the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday to open the 2020 NFL season. Officially, the Gardner Minshew era will begin. The Jaguars offense will be very different than the one last season.

No longer is the offense a power run system its now Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden version of the West Coast Offense. Leonard Fournette is gone to Tampa Bay. Most of all, our wide receivers look very good.

The Jaguars have to win on Sunday for as many reasons as there is sand on the beach. The time is now for this coaching staff to finish the job it started in 2017. After all, Shad Khan reminded all Jaguars fans that losing was unacceptable. These are three keys to the Jaguars defeating the Colts.

First, the Jacksonville defense has to pressure Phillip Rivers early and often. According to Next-gen stats, He had the second-most interceptions in the NFL under pressure(10) and a 49.1 passer rating(sixth-lowest in the NFL). Rivers can pick apart secondaries when he has time in the pocket. The Jaguars’ defense could set the tone early and often with tremendous pressure on Rivers.

Also, Minshew has to play with a quiet mind. The offensive lineman has to protect him since the game flows through his mind and hands. In other words, Minshew has to make plays.

Third, the Jaguars have to play the next play. If things go bad on one play, play the next play better. If things are going great, play the next play better. Sunday is the best time to show the world that the Jaguars are playing to win and win big.

As usual, the humidity and the heat will be a factor in September Jaguars home games. Jacksonville is accustomed to the weather and could cause issues for the colts. The colts have lost the last three meetings in Jacksonville. Jaguars win the game in a shocker, 28-14.

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