Jacksonville Jaguars: To tank or not to tank, that’s the question

The Jacksonville Jaguars made two big moves within 48 hours. Sunday, Yannick Ngakoue was traded to Minnesota for draft picks. then early Monday morning, Jacksonville released Leonard Fournette.

It was no secret that Ngakoue wanted out of Jacksonville. In fact, he took a pay cut to flee the Bold City. The Jaguars must have really rubbed him the wrong way.

The release of Fournette came as a shock to the entire Jaguars community. Most observers figured the Jaguars would allow him to test the free-agent market in March. Most of all, reports were saying that Jacksonville was unable to find a trade partner.

Doug Marrone addressed the release of Fournette by basically saying that the Jaguars are better off without him. Really? Is Chris Thompson the new starting running back?

The timing of his release seems crazy. After trying camp has ended and before roster reduction cuts, Fournette gets his walking papers. Perhaps the Jacksonville front office made a huge decision.

Could it be that the Jaguars have decided to tank the upcoming 2020 season to draft Trevor Lawrence of Clemson? He could be the Jaguars latest, greatest hope at quarterback. However, Jags owner Shad Khan told the Jaguars fans that winning would be the top priority.

Marrone said that if Jacksonville tanked, he would get fired in the interview below. Would he become the sacrificial lamb for the future of Jacksonville football? Probably not, head coaches with losing records usually never get another shot and become position coaches.

Has Khan decided to look the other way to tank for Lawrence? How much losing will Jaguars fans tolerate? To tank or not to tank, that’s the question.

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Photo: Stephen B. Morton/Associated Press

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