Jaguars Free Agency?

The Superbowl is now over officially ending the 2017 NFL season. Jaguars ended being a top four team this season and took a huge step in the right direction after the disappointing 2016 campaign. Now, 2018 Nfl Season is starting with the off-season. For the Jaguars, this will be one of the most important off-season in franchise history.

The Jaguars were one quarter away from the organization goal of a Superbowl. So the Free Agents, Draft, and resigning players will be important to making that Superbowl championship possible.

One of the key questions for the Jaguars will be who will they add to the roster regarding free Agency? The following players I believe the Jaguars should take a look at.

  • Cameron Brate– He is a restricted Free Agent for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Last year, the Buccaneers drafted a tight end in Oj Howard in the first round. That could mean that he will not be back. Cameron Brate this year was not very productive for the Bucs but he’s 27, very good blocker, good hands and was a reliable Red Zone target for the Buccaneers. Over the past two season, He has 14 touchdowns. Brate inefficiencies were due more so to the weapons that the Buccaneers have than with him.  He is someone that could really help Blake Bortles and the offense.
  • Anthony Hitchens– Fan favorite Paul Posluszny is a free agent but is nearing the end of his career. If Paul Posluszny cannot be resign. I think they should make an effort at Hitchens. He was an inside Linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys and make exceptional strides this season especially against the Run. He’s 26 and has room for improvement.
  • Jack Mewhort– He is a great guard. When healthy, he is one of the best interior guards in the NFL. The problem is he is injury prone. He has been on the sidelines more than he has been on the field thus far. So far he has only played one full season in his career. He can play Tackle or Guard. If the Jags want to take a low-risk high reward on someone it should be Mewhort. Due to his injury history, He would be cheap looking to prove himself.
  • Josh Mccown– You want a guy that can push your young quarterback then look no further. Josh Mccown is a veteran that has been all over the Nfl and has actually gotten better as he has gotten older. Blake would be the starter but someone like Josh can push him to become better. Last year, Josh Mccown for the Jets had 18 touchdowns and 9 interceptions with a 67 percent completion percentage on a team that had one okay receiver and terrible offensive line. Imagine if he had what the Jaguars have this season. His stats could have been better. Not to mention, He is a great locker room guy that knows his role.
  •  Austin Seferian-Jenkins – The Jaguars have Marcedes Lewis at Tight End but he is very old and isn’t much of a receiving threat. He is more of a blocker. Austin would be a good complement to Lewis with his 6’5 262-pound frame and ability to stretch the field with his receiving ability. He’s 25 and had a breakout year for himself with a career high in catches with 50 and yards with 357. According to “The Jets are currently in contract talks with him working on a short-term deal.” If the Jaguars wanted a player on a short-term deal with not crushing the Cap-Space. He should be looked at.

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