Jaguars NFL Draft grades


NFL Draft: This was the first draft in a long time that the jaguars weren’t picking in the top 10 and it was wonderful!

Defensive Tacke Taven Bryan Grade B+.  He was projected to be a top 20 talent and fell to the jaguars. The selection will be depth on the defensive line rotation that is athletic and can get to the quarterback. If he improves on his skills and consistency within the position, which can happen because he will be mentor by Calias Campbell and Marcell Dareus skies the limit for him.

Wide Receiver  DJ Chark A+. Great Value for our second round picks. Many draft scouts had seen him as a top 5 receiver. He has blazing speed that could help in the play action game but his route running and upper body strength will need some improvement.

Safety Ronnie Harrison Grade A++. This was a beautiful pick by far my favorites pick by the jaguars in this draft.  I love his intensity and passion for the game and his ability to always want to make the Big play. He is very aggressive in coverage and will put a big hit on you. He will need to improve his coverage abilities and tackling a bit more though.

Offensive lineman, Will Richardson Grade B. Will Richardson can be seen as a reliable starter one day. He was ranked as one of the best players on NCST last year but will his off the field issues get in the way of being a good player in the NFL.

Quarterback, Tanner Lee Grade D. he was not a very good quarterback at Nebraska. He was okay.  He will likely be the third string quarterback or cut in the preseason.

Linebacker, Leon Jacobs Grade C+. Leon Jacobs is very good against the run due to his athletic abilities. If he wants to become a better linebacker he will have to improve in his instincts of the game.


Punter, Logan Cooke grade C.  They cut punter Brad Norman after the draft. So they believe he could be he could be their answer at punter. He has a strong leg and averaged 42.7 yards a punt 10th best in Mississippi state school history.

The jaguars drafted for potential in this draft. That could possibility pay off in the near future. The closest one to fighting to become a first day starter is DJ Chark. The wide receiving position is open for a number one and is looking for that playmaker.

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