Jaguars offensive trio salary ranking among teams in the NFL

The Jacksonville Jaguars are trying to get a handle on their salary cap and spending habits. They have purged some of their higher salaries in the spring to ease the cap going forward. For example, Nick Foles getting traded to The Chicago bears saved the jaguars roughly 26.8 million in salary for next off-season per Michael DiRocco.

Jason Fitzgerald of overthecap, put out some interesting information regarding cap numbers recently. He ranked all 32 NFL teams according to the salaries of their franchise triplets on offense. He totaled the starting quarterback, running back, and top wide receiver contract salaries for the 2020 season.

Jacksonville will spend a total of $10,574,509 on their triplets this season. 82% of the salary will go to RB Leonard Fournette with $8,638,907, WR DJ Chark earns $1,212,881 and QB Gardner Minshew with $722,721 rounds it out. 

Among Starting Quarterbacks in the Category, Minshew is the lowest-paid projected starting NFL quarterback. Fournette is in the top 5 of the highest-paid running backs. DJ Chark is among the lowest-paid wide receivers. Do you get what you pay for?

For the record, Dallas is tops by paying $54,309,000 with their triplets. Defending Super Bowl Champion, Kansas City will pay out $25,023,972. You can buy me love or a Lombardi Trophy.

Let’s hope Jacksonville paves the way for winning with fewer expenses. The biggest key will be drafting well and evaluating talent. Recently, those have been sorely lacking in the Jaguars’ front office.

Wouldn’t it be better to spend salary cap dollars on Jaguars draftees? Free agents are risky options but pay off from time to time. Homegrown talent is the main ingredient in winning organizations. Let’s see how this season plays out.

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