Jaguars Tight Ends have to make a visible impact in 2020

When is the last time that the Jacksonville Jaguars had a real threat at the tight end position? Since the decision was made to move away from Marcedes Lewis, there has been a revolving door to fill his shoes. Remember how effective Lewis was in the 2017 season?

He caught 24 passes for 318 yards with 5 touchdowns. How cool would it be if Jacksonville had a tight end that played in 5 straight games without getting hurt? It was a huge mistake letting Lewis go play in Green Bay.

Currently, the Jaguars have six tight ends on the roster. Tyler Eifert appears to have the best shot to win the starting job. James O’Shaughnessy and Josh Oliver will battle for the backup tight end spot. Charles Jones, Ben Ellefson, and Tyler Davis could make the roster if they catch offensive coordinator Jay Gruden’s eye.

Jacksonville needs Eifert, O’Shaughnessy, and Oliver to have breakout seasons. They have to become viable and reliable targets in the Jaguars aerial assault. Tight end play has been sorely lacking for the past few seasons.

Last season, Leonard Fournette caught 76 passes out of the backfield. O’Shaughnessy caught 14 passes before his season was ended due to injury. Eifert caught 43 passes in Cincinnati. Oliver caught 3 passes after spending the majority of the season on the injured reserve list.

How does the Jaguars tight end production compare to top NFL tight ends? Travis Kelce of Kansas City caught 97 passes in 2019. Philadelphia’s Zach Ertz caught 88 passes. George Kittle of San Francisco hauled in 85 receptions.

The Jaguars need a bounce-back season in 2020. They will need the tight ends to make a deep impact on the field. Let’s see how things play out.

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