Minshew Mania heads full steam into Carolina

Gardner Minshew has ignited the Jacksonville Jaguars fan base. You see mustaches everywhere, especially in the stands. Minshew mania has shifted somewhat into Minshew magic.

Minshew’s late game-winning drive, in Denver, has electrified the Jaguars offense. They head into Carolina on Sunday, hopefully, to win their third straight game. Expect a tough game.

The Jaguars must feed Leonard Fournette the ball, early and often. Fournette had his best career game in Denver with 225 rushing yards. Seems like the Jaguars have solved their offensive line problems. However, penalties have to be dramatically reduced.

Jacksonville’s running attack should open the aerial attack. Minshew has shown the patience, in the pocket, to find the open receiver. His receivers are finding open windows in the opposing secondaries. They seem to be holding on to the ball instead of dropping them as they did in earlier games.

The Jaguar’s defense will have to pressure the Carolina Panthers quarterback. He is replacing the injured Cam Newton. Sacksonville must enforce its presence at a relentless pace.

Christian McCaffrey must be contained by the Jaguars front seven. Quincy Williams could cover him out of the backfield. The Panthers offense runs through him.

This game might come down to another Josh Lambo field goal. Lambo is money on each field goal attempt. Let’s hope Minshew mania runs wild on the Panthers defense.

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