T.J. Yeldon- If he doesn’t get cut because he has been outperformed significantly by Corey Grant this preseason. T.J.’s two season in the Nfl has not been worth the second round pick that Jacksonville drafted him at. With Leonard and Ivory in the backfield, he has to find his way on the field. He has shown the ability to be a change of pace back that the organization is expecting him to be. Yeldon is going to have to be more efficient in pass blocking, and catching the ball out the back field. I’m expecting him to be a James white and Shane Vereen type of player. Which will help Blake  significantly in the backfield.

Aleen Hurns

Allen Hurns–  Allen’s First two seasons Allen was Excellent and looked like the solid second wideout to Allen Robinson. But last year due to Lee’s resurgence & his Injury plague  last year. He managed to catch 35 passes and 477 yards for 3 touchdowns in 11 games. Hurn’s fell out of that second wideout role.  If the offense performs effectively he will be a good reason as of why. The presence of DeDe Westbrook whose very talent could cause hurns to lose out. How well Westbrook & Keelan Cole has played this preseason. One could see why hurns has been rumored to could get traded for hopefully something on the offensive line ( who I get to later)!!!


Blake Bortles-  This guy the guy they call Beachbar Blake!!! I trust he is going to come through butt!! This Jaguars team with a good Quarterback is easily the winner of the AFC south and at least a second round team!!! Last Year, Blake simply wasn’t good enough. Everything he learned in his second year, He unlearned in his third year. He was simply A train Wreck from his accuracy to mechanics.  Jacksonville had a choice and they believe what some of us do as the jags picked up his option on his Contract. I do believe part of the fault of him regressing was in the coach who I called “Happy Gus” whom I think didn’t challenge him enough. Blake stated” this was the most reps he has done in his three years” meaning the coaching staff is putting the pressure on him. Blake this team is ready and You will have to lead them. He has the running game & receivers. The Defense is ready! All the team needs is for BeachBar to perform. Negate the turnovers and this team will be fine! I would like to see Bortles move around more in the pocket with quick throws.  


The Whole Offensive Line –  This……..whole line except Brandon Linder(whom is our best lineman) is going to be the life and death of this offense. They have done not a good job on protecting the quarterback and creating holes for the running back. The preseason has been terrible for the Line and hasn’t looked prepared. They will have to get it together. I understand that the Brandon Albert situation has hurt the line tremendously but we must move forward. Week 1 they will be tested because the Houston Texans strength is their Defense Line which has JJ WATT & Jadeveon Clowney. Blake is 0-6 against the Texans and a big part of this team getting this victory will be protecting Blake.

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