Playoffs Edition!! Jaguars Vs Bills Prediction

After the last two weeks on the road, The jaguars will be hosting a playoff game for the first time since the 1999-2000 season. Coming into the Bank, will be the Buffalo Bills and their crazy fanBase Bills Mafia who haven’t been in the playoffs in 17 years. Jaguars are coming into this playoff game on somewhat a losing streak but there is nothing like coming home and feeling the energy of the fans to get back on track.  Buffalo has had the most interesting season in a long time from benching Tyrod midseason to Andy Dalton completing a fourth quarter touchdown pass on 4th  Down to eliminate the ravens and secure a spot for Bills in the postseason. Jaguars come into this playoff matchup as the favorites.

Jaguars keys to victory:

  • The trio of running backs running effectively. The Bills are 29th against the run allowing 124 rushing yards a game. The jaguars have the number one running offense in the NFL. Expect Leonard Fournette and company to run heavy.
  • Blake Bortles not turning the Ball Over. The Jaguars are undefeated this season, when Blake does not turn the ball over.
  • The Offensive Line creating Holes for the run game. The offensive Line in the month of December has not really created holes for the Running game. Although they have done pretty well pass blocking.
  • Defense stopping the Run. The Run defense has improve from earlier this season. Buffalo is 6th in the Nfl with a 126 yards rushing a game.
  • Keep Tyrod in the Pocket! Please do not allow him to run around. Tyrod is at his best when he is able to move around.
  • All Eyes REPEAT All Eyes on LeSean McCoy. LeSean McCoy is one of the best running backs in the Nfl. He leads the Team in Receptions and Rushing yards.
  • Force Tyrod to turn the ball over. Tyrod doesn’t turn the ball over. he has only 4 interceptions all season. Creating turnovers on a team that is 22nd in the NFL in scoring will be important.


 Bills keys to victory:

  • The Running game is effective. The Bills are 31st in the Nfl in passing and The Jaguars are 21st in stopping the Run.
  • Tyrod is able to use his feet to extend throwing plays for his receivers. “No man’s land” Jags secondary is 1st in the NFL and the defense is 2nd  in Sacks. Tyrod athletic ability will be important.
  • Charles Clay ability to get open against the secondary.
  • Bills stopping the Run.
  • forcing the jags to depend on Blake Bortles. If Blake has to throw 35 times or more. you can get a turnover or two to help the Offense.
  • Creating turnovers


Prediction:  We don’t know if McCoy will be playing or not with his injury. If he did play, he would be limited by it.  Therefore, tyrod would be rely on a little more throwing the ball against the number one Secondary in football. Trust those odds? I think Not. Marcell Dareus and Doug Marrone is going against their former team. We know Doug will have the team ready and Dareus was brought in for this reason to help stop the Run. Blake Bortles will be effective in this game and So will the run game. Jaguars 24 Bills 13.

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