Remember The Titans?




This is a game that you will love to forget. The Jacksonville Jaguars got crushed 37-16 to the Tennessee Titans. This game was a measuring stick for the team and it was just that….. a stick.

Early On this game was pretty close in the first half untillllllllllllll……………………….. 2:15 mark. The team was driving the ball down into Titan’s territory. That’s when a personal foul by Chris Ivory shifted the momentum. Next play, 2nd and 25 Blake Bortles throws an interception off a reflected hand.  Defense did a terrible job towards the end allowing the titans to get a field goal. It’s second and thirty they are out of field goal range and allow a completed past to Mathews to get almost all of the yards and enough for a field goal to make it 3 to 6 at half.

Second Half was just the flood gates for Tennessee. The third quarter was an assault in which I couldn’t call the police to stop as the titans scored and scored and….. you get the pattern here SCORED!!!! Derek Henry running through are defense like its practice drills. Defense started to slow down as Tennessee was on the field pounding pounding pounding away.  Jacksonville second half was more turnovers and penalties. This game Jags had ten more penalties for almost a 100 yards it’s unacceptable!!!

I don’t think the Jaguars are as bad as the second half but the team is a mixture of both half’s. The wide receivers were ghost in this game. I was getting tired of seeing Lee doing the same same same slant. Late the receivers did something but that’s when the game was over. I would like to see the coaching staff with a little more creativity to get receivers open. Teams will start to game plan to stop the run and force Blake to pass. Blake turned it over three times but one was really on him as he should of thrown the ball in front of lee instead of behind him. The other two weren’t necessarily his fault, he didn’t see the lineman on the fumble and the interception was a tipped passed. There will be games this season where we will be in a shootout to win. The season is young and there’s more games ahead. No need to panic good Job Titans we will see you again. On to London we go!!

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