Shad Khan sticks with Marrone, Caldwell for 2020

Just when you thought change was coming, think again! Reports surfaced over the last weekend of the imminent firings of Doug Marrone and Dave Caldwell. Shad Khan decided to stick with his guys for 2020.

For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction, according to Newton’s third law of physics. How will the Jacksonville Jaguars fans react to Khan’s decision to keep them both? Time will tell as season ticket renewals begin in February.

Winning heals all wounds. Marrone knows that Jacksonville must win, immediately. Caldwell knows that Jacksonville’s roster must improve, immediately. So, blame the two time Super Bowl-winning coach and move on.

Many questions must be answered going forward. Does Marrone have more say in the football operations? Will Caldwell pick his players or who Marrone wants?

If you are angry or frustrated, it’s highly understandable. The Jaguars have won eleven games since the 2017 AFC Championship game. So, the status quo is working and the correct path to success?

To quote from Khan’s statement:

“I have met on several occasions over the past few days with Dave Caldwell, Doug Marrone, and their staffs to fully understand their plans to reverse our course and compete for a postseason berth in 2020.” 

“The 2019 season was unacceptable and I’ve made my dissatisfaction clear. While many unusual circumstances influenced our season, none can fully explain or defend our second-half collapse with first place in the division within reach on Week 9. At the same time, there were positive developments and contributions that should not be overlooked.”

Let’s hope the plan works better than it has the past two seasons. Stay tuned to see how it all plays out!

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