Shad Khan the fans remember what you said

Remember way back in 2016 when USA Today ran a story on Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan. He said “Without question, wins are important in 2016 — at least more important than they’ve been the past three seasons, in which the Jacksonville Jaguars are tied for the NFL’s worst record at 12-36. When their owner says “we should have ambitions for the postseason now,” Khan means it.

“I think we’ve suffered long enough,” Khan said, chuckling during a recent phone interview with USA TODAY Sports. “It’s been painful.” Fast forward to December 31, 2019. Khan addresses losing to the Jaguars fans via :

“The 2019 season was unacceptable and I’ve made my dissatisfaction clear…. We came out of our AFC Championship Game season of 2017 by making a four-year commitment to the collective leadership of our football operations. … I want to see what we produce under a new organizational structure in 2020. Goals have been established. Accountability will be paramount.”

The Jaguars are 1-3 without the hope of being able to put a competitive team on the field. The Jacksonville defense is worse than last year. Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden has upgraded the offense but they play from behind for most of the time in each game. It’s difficult to implement a winning game plan when the defense can not stop the opposing offense.

On Sunday, Jacksonville heads west to play the Houston Texans. This the same Houston team that recently fired its head coach. Houston is last in the AFC South division with a 0-4 record. 

Currently, Houston is favored by six points to win the game. To be clear, the oddsmakers believe that the team with a new head coach will beat the Jaguars by a touchdown. Is Khan disappointed that a team in disarray is favored to beat his team?

Andre Moultry accurately discusses the Jaguars situation on his latest JJC podcast. Until there are real changes, Jags fans will continue to suffer through losses and hear how disappointed Khan is throughout the season, game after game. If you are Trevor Lawrence, are you excited to know that the Jaguars are tanking for him?

Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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