Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars Analysis and Prediction

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Sacksonville Baby!!!! YEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!. What a great week to be a Jacksonville fan with the opening season victory. Prayers go out to those dealing with hurricane Irma in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas in Florida. This is one of those games that is the measuring stick for this team. We know the titans offense is lightyears better than anything the Texans could have provided.  The mobility & accuracy of Mariota will move the ball on the Jacksonville defense. Titans were pretty balance in targets with their receivers in their game against the raiders.  I love this jaguar’s defense attitude. They will need it against this Tennessee offensive line it’s one of the best in the NFL. The raiders only got to the quarterback once. The Odds of Ten sacks is very unlikely.

Jacksonville keys to victory : Although it was heavy run (36 rushing plays to 21 passing)I would like to see more balance. This game will be Beachbar Blake’s game for the taking. Blake will make 30 passing attempts in this game.  Blake will have to put the ball on the money. Blake if you don’t see it throw it out of bounds. Attack the secondary of Tennessee titans because they aren’t very good.  Jacksonville Receivers this is (Reggie Miller voice) this is your Kodak moment because they can take advantage of the secondary of the titans. The jaguars Defense will have to force Mariota to stay in pocket and not move around to throw the ball. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT allow them to run the ball as their offensive line is very good in that regard.   Jaguars Online expect Dick lebeau to bring some of those zone blitzes to confuse the offense.

Titans keys to victory: That offensive line winning the battle up front against the jags defensive line creating holes for Murray & Henry to run through. It’s highly unlikely whomever Bouye & Ramsey are checking are going to win their Matchups. Online wins the battle up front and give Mariota time in the pocket to use his other options outside of main targets. This is a game where his 3rd and 4th options will be important. Dick Lebeau Zone blitzes forces turnovers for Blake Bortles. Being that Allen Robinson is gone. Titans being physical with the receivers one on one forcing them to win their matchups and focusing on stopping the run.

Prediction: Jacksonville 24-23… I get a sense from the Houston game that this is a team that has been tired of losing. This is the game where we find out where our team is as a team!!Titans are a good team and many experts favorite to take the AFC south.  This game is very important as it would create separation between the everyone in the AFC south.  We can all come to an agreement that the Texans are not that good of a team. I love the victory because it’s been a longgggg time since beating the Texans but the titans are better. Both teams usually split with each winning at home. This game Beachbar has a really good passing day. I expect the O-line to pick up where they started in Houston with protection. Jacksonville D-line will do a good enough job to stop the titans running game forcing Mariota to test our secondary “NO Man’s Land” I will take the secondary.  I’m hearing the game will be staying in Jacksonville. The fans energy will be flowing and the team will feed off of it for the home opener and become 2-0 on the season.

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