Texans Who? Jaguars Food!!!


I woke up this morning. Got my usual Jacksonville hate text & emails about Texans are going to whip our team. Then I go to the living room to watch NFL Network to watch the prediction about the game. That’s when I hear Michael Irvin predict that JJ Watt was going to get Seven Plus sacks against the Jags O-Line. So Disrespectful So Disrespectful. Overall, The only thing disrespectful was the jags Defense as the Jaguars win 29-7 against the Houston Texans. The victory snaps a six game winning steak for the Texans.

Jaguars defense flat out bullied the offense of the Texans. The defense had Ten sacks(Team record), one interception, three force fumbles, and a touchdown. “The big three” Bouye, Campbell, and church all had a impact on today’s game. Especially, Campbell who has the franchise record for sacks with four in one game.  The secondary made Houston’s receivers invisible. Houston stood no match. The game was so out of hand that Savage was benched, and DeShawn Watson came in. Deshawn led them on a scoring drive that was helped by careless jaguar’s penalties for their only touchdown.

Houston Defensive Line looked non-existent as the Jags offensive line did a great job giving Bortles time. (Blake had so much time he could have made food and served the community). Blake Bortles was efficient, not great but efficient as he was 11 for 21 for 125 yards and a touchdown. Leonard Fournette did a great job running wearing down the Texans defense with 26 carries for 100 yards and 1 touchdowns. The coaching staff offensively did a great job staying with the run and having a balance offense. My favorite moment in the game, after two trips in the red zone ending with field goals. The Jags within the five yard line, third and goal Fournette dives and is short of the goal line. 4th and goal, Doug Marrone keeps the offensive out there and the players on the sidelines were excited and pumped. One could see that the players and coach were on the same wavelength as Fournette punches it in for his first touchdown! Congrats!!!

Negatives for the jags today was the countless penalties the team made. Ten penalties for 89 yards is unacceptable, this would have been a shut out if not for the penalties.  Jason Myers missing field goals and Allen Robinson leaving the game with an injury that has resulted in losing him for the year with a ACL tear. Prayers are with you. Great job Jags this is a great start to the season and the type of momentum that can carry through the season. The Jags are coming!  On to the TItans…… We go!!

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