The Jacksonville Jaguars draft will set the tone for 2021 Season

The new direction of the Jacksonville Jaguars is in full swing. Head coach Urban Meyer was the first brick in the new foundation of the franchise. His staff appears to be solidly built upon the football philosophy of Meyer.

However, the free-agent signings were a bit too underwhelming. It’s a little perplexing to see what this staff sees in Carlos Hyde that the previous staff missed. Let’s hope that the Jaguars do not turn into the Ohio State Jaguars.

The NFL Draft is rapidly approaching. Everything seems to point towards selecting Trevor Lawrence as the first overall section. Would the Jaguars pull off a dealing move down in the draft? Remember when Ryan Leaf was drafted before Peyton Manning.

Jacksonville has never had the first overall pick in its history. The pressure to not screw this up is mounting. After all, this franchise has a solid history of making crazy picks. Let’s hope the new regime has good sense and direction.

Honestly, the Jaguars roster was so watered down in 2020 that it will take a few drafts to become a contender again. Expect a slow five-year build to stabilize the Jaguars. The patience of every Jaguars fan will be tested in the next few seasons.

Season ticket prices will be increased as well as annual trips to London. You will hear the woes of playing in a small tv market despite the success of Tampa Bay and Kansas City. Ignore the rhetoric and look at the talent on the field.

Photo: Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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