Jacksonville Jaguars future begins this week

The new direction of the Jacksonville Jaguars begins with their first overall selection of the 2021 NFL Draft on April 29th. There is no secret that Trevor Lawrence is going to be that pick. Lawrence is the cornerstone of the rebirth of the Jaguars franchise.

It was just a few seasons ago that Jacksonville was minutes away from making their first appearance in the Super Bowl. Well, things went awry late in New England. Myles Jack was not down by contact and you know how things have rapidly deteriorated since.

Last season was the worst display, in the spirit of tanking, of football seen in the state of Florida since the early days of Tampa Bay. Funny that they should win the Super Bowl in 2020 fashion. However, it is time to forgive and forget. A new era is dawning over the black and teal horizon.

Jacksonville is focused on their new direction with two first-round selections. Lawrence will be taken first but who will be picked at 25th? Will it be a defensive or offensive lineman? Or maybe they will take the best player available on their draft board.

Let’s hope they stick to the tried and true method of building a contender. They have to fortify the four cornerstone positions of professional football. In case you are wondering they are: Quarterback, Left Tackle, Defensive Rush End, and Cornerback.

If you look at the current roster, Josh Allen is a bonafide cornerstone rush end. The other three positions are sorely lacking. Cam Robinson should be moved to guard and Gardner Minshew is a career backup, at best. The Jaguar’s best cornerback ever plays for the LA Rams after forcing a trade.

Jacksonville has five picks in the first 100 selections of the draft. Most importantly, they have five selections through the first three rounds. Talent should be available for the taking at each of those cornerstone spots.

The Jaguars should pick Lawrence, a tackle, a cornerback, a tackle, and a defensive end with those five picks. Jacksonville should use the remaining selections to build roster depth. Free-agent signings addressed some of the roster issues.

Stay tuned to see how things play out. Be sure to catch the current JJC podcast where Andre Moultry accurately discusses the Jaguars situation in each podcast episode.

Photo: Ken Ruinard/Pool Photo via AP

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