Tom Coughlin knows the Answers

After being destroyed the past three games, Tom Coughlin has addressed the team in the video below. Although Coughlin normally doesn’t do a press conference, There was a part in the press conference around the 8:18 second part that raised some questions.

The reporter asked,

“What made you speak during this time was the play so egregious the past three games that you had to say something.”

Coughlin responded with

“you know my philosophy the head coach is the voice of the program; I feel at this point in time that I’m needed to speak.

The comment raised some eyebrows because if Doug Marrone is the voice then the players should be getting better and making progress in the right direction. In the past three games, The Jaguars have not shown the effort to stay competitive. Also, Now out that Coughlin wasn’t a big fan of Marrone’s methods on the team in the off-season as the “Voice” He might have felt not to speak, If the methods were successful.

There was a lot in the Press Conference below to talk about? How did you feel about Tom Coughlin press conference? Comment below let’s talk Jag Fans.  

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Photo: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

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