What’s A jaguar on the West Coast? A Loser


Jaguars!!! Congratulations on winning the AFC South. Besides that,  The jaguars losing streak on the west coast continues as they haven’t won a game since 2005 and Jimmy G streak will continue as the jaguars lose to the 49ers 44 to 33.

Offense:  Blake Bortles was having a December to remember until we remember who Blake was. Blake is a good quarterback that will make mistakes. Today, He did just that as he threw three interceptions.  The first interception, Keelan Cole gave up on his route and the defender intercepted it, the other two were just terrible throws. One of the interceptions was taken back for a touchdown.  The Offensive line did a good job protecting Bortles, but was unable to create holes for the running game. The running game was shut down completely today for a total is 92 yards.  Not to mention, The offense committed seven penalties today! It’s unacceptable; I don’t know how many times I heard false start today!

Defense:  I want to say that you guys sucked today!  If it was a grade it would be an F plus. Jimmy G was completing passes on the jaguars secondary as if it was practice. The Jaguars defense played as if they were on vacation. Jimmy G was 21 of 30 for 242 yards, two touchdowns and one interception.  There were four penalties defense today.  Many of those penalties were unacceptable and kept 49ers drives alive. The ones that really sticks out is late in 3rd quarter trailing by four, the jaguars gave the 49ers over 40 yards with three penalties!!  Two unsportsmanlike conducts one from Miles Jack and the other from Yannick Ngakoue and a holding penalty by Donate Fowler led to a score for the 49ers. If you are going to give away that many yards on a drive just move out the way and let them score! You won’t be so tired.  The 49ers did whatever they wanted to do today and had great balance. The offense had 238 yards passing and 131 yards rushing. The 49ers kept the jaguars Defense on their heels all game.

Special Teams: The special Teams unit today was pretty okay. The special Teams was first to score for the jags as they block an extra point to score for a safety. Punter did a good job today. In our Comeback mode, The special teams even successfully got an onside kick back for the offense and Josh Lambo was pretty reliable until late in the 4th quarter where he missed an extra point .

Conclusion:  The body language early looked as if this team found out they won the division title but regained focus as they game went on.  Arguments between players happened between Cole and Receivers Coach Keenan Mccardell and Allen Hurns regarding Cole quitting on the route, and another between Malik Jackson and Aaron Colvin on the sidelines were they had to be separated. Although, it doesn’t look good but it happens in the heat of the game.  Coach will address them regarding 12 penalties for 99 yards. I love this team’s attitude but I’m going to need Paul Posluszny to teach them to just make a play and continue to the next play. Too many times today the flag was thrown due to them not just making a play and moving on to the next down but getting in defenders faces and head-butting people Malik Jackson. Another concern is our receiving core we already lost three for before this game and lost 2 more to injury after this game in Jaelen Strong and Keelan Cole. Lastly, WE ARE DIVISON CHAMPS!!!Congratulations and on to Nashville to play the Titans.

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