Will the Jacksonville Jaguars win risking a future trip to Lawrenceville ?

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in a position to change the trajectory of the franchise. Trevor Lawrence is within the grasp of the Jaguars. However, there are many spots that need to be filled before making plans for a run at the Lombardi Trophy.

Currently, the new Jaguars GM will have 12 picks in the upcoming draft. Most of all, they have five of the first 100 draft picks. They own the #1, 21, 34, 46, and #65. There is the potential to rebuild the team’s foundation solidly. The new GM has to make the right picks in the right areas.

Word leaked out that Louis Riddick will interview for the job. There has been speculation whether Tony Boselli would be named into the front office to duplicate what Tom Coughlin did a few seasons ago. Boselli would hire the GM.

Actually, Shad Khan needs to hire the GM and let Boselli run the scouting department – in conjunction with the new GM and head coach. Don’t you think Boselli would know which linemen to draft due to his NFL career experience?

There is no need to worry about Jacksonville winning either of its last two games. Chicago will run the ball at will against the porous Jaguars defense. Expect another loss as David Montgomery runs for nearly 200 yards.

Not to mention, Allen Robinson will run wide open all day. He will want Doug Marrone and company to see what they let go. This game could get ugly very early.

Marrone says that Jacksonville wants to win. Honestly, this roster appears to be constructed to lose every game. It makes you wonder how they beat Indianapolis in week 1.

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